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ideate icons - A minimal and pixel-perfect icon pack for you. this icon pack is specially crafted for your websites, applications, SaaS platform, or your side project.

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6 Reasons you should use ideate icons

As a Product Designer, I've been there and felt the struggle of finding the perfect icon pack that ticks all the boxes - consistency, minimalism, and pixel-perfect sizes. That's why I'm excited to introduce Ideate Icons, the icon pack that I've created for everyone who values quality and efficiency in their design process. Here are 5 reasons why Ideate Icons is the perfect addition to your design toolkit:

1. Consistency at its finest: I've created these icons by following Apple's icon guidelines, which means every icon is designed with the same optical weight, line, and positioning, making them work seamlessly together as a family.

2. Versatile for every project: With over 2000 essential icons across more than 20 categories, Ideate Icons is suitable for creating modern and consistent designs for every type of website or mobile app project. From e-commerce to education, social media to healthcare - you name it, we've got it covered. We regularly update Ideate Icons with new categories and icons based on customer feedback, so you can stay on top of the latest design trends and keep your projects fresh and relevant.

3. Two typestyles to fit your needs: Whether you prefer line or solid typestyles, Ideate Icons offers both options, giving you the flexibility to create any type of modern website or mobile app design you envision.

4. Optimized for performance: Our minimalist icons are optimized for performance, with no extra layers or shapes used, ensuring that the SVG files are lightweight and easy to load on any device.

5. Designed with Figma and compatible with everything: With the icons created in Figma, you can easily change the scale and tone to fit your design needs, and export them into SVG, PNG, and other formats for compatibility with any design tool or platform.

6. Fully Editable with Figma: Ideate Icons are fully editable on Figma, meaning you can customize them to fit your design needs. From changing the stroke size to adjusting the corner radius, you have full control over every aspect of the icons.

*Used & loved by more than 7,000 designers+developers from all over the world*

2150+ icons with 20+ Categories ( Last update Aug 2022 )

  1. Interface - 200+

  2. E-Commerce - 200+

  3. Finance - 200+

  4. Navigation - 100+

  5. Arrows - 200+

  6. Media - 100+

  7. Security - 100+

  8. Communication - 100+

  9. Date and Time - 100+

  10. Real Estate - 100+

  11. Health - 100+

  12. Food and Drinks - 100+

  13. Education - 100+

  14. Transportation - 100+

  15. Technology - 50+

  16. Weather - 50+

  17. Sports - 50+

  18. User Profile - 50+

  19. Code and Design - 50+

  20. Requested icons - 50+

Available in all file formats

ideate icons provided essential formats that are used by developers and designers all over the world, also more formats are coming soon near future.

  • Figma File

  • Sketch File

  • SVG Files

  • PNG Files

  • Icon jar (coming soon)

  • website (coming soon)

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